About Me

Welcome! I am Couch, a young 20-something with a passion for things homemade. I balance a lot of activities- studying architecture in college, working, cooking, craft beer-ing, and quilting. But I love everything that I'm involved in, so I make it work out.

I started quilting with my grandmother in 2008. In 2012, I made my first quilt (without help from Grandma!) from a blog post, and it sparked something inside me. I want to continue sewing and quilting, and I'm really excited to start designing my own quilts and patterns in the future.

I've noticed that most of the quilting blogs I read aren't written by people my age. They all have kids, many are stay at home moms, many are grandmothers, but all seem to have a little time on their hands. I am a college kid in a demanding major, and I'd like to share my journey through quilting, sewing, cooking, and adventuring with you. 

I'll introduce you to the people in my life that you may hear about in my posts:

The Richmond Crew: Papa Dog (or Pa, as I call him), his wife Irina, my two step sisters, and my brother, Boo.

The Nashville Crew: Mom, her husband Todd, and my step brother.

The Blacksburg Crew: My boyfriend CJ, his dog Luca, and the oodles of friends I meet at school. This group includes the Archies (architects), the Quid Kids (my teammates on the Quidditch team), and all of me and CJ's beer nerd friends.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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