Friday, June 21, 2013

Finished it Up Friday

What I love about the quilting community is the creativity that everyone has. I love scrolling through photos on Fridays and seeing all of the beautiful things that everyone has made during the week. It gives me inspiration and makes me proud of everyone, because we all know that the craft we chose is not the easiest.

I am very proud to announce that I have a finish this Friday. It's not a quilty finish, but it is the end product of months of hard work, late nights, and physical labor. And now that it is finished, I can finally get back to quilting!

This year in school, I was part of the design/buildLAB. We worked together as a group of 17 to design and build a pedestrian bridge in Clifton Forge, VA. We conducted interviews with townspeople to assess the needs, we spent very late nights making the construction documents, and we fabricated every piece of this bridge ourselves- cutting and welding steel, electrical wiring, and planing and routing the wood. There is a little piece of all 17 of us in this bridge, in the design, and in the hard work that went into it.

My big contribution was the stairs. Another boy and I worked together to design them :)

It's a little early right now, so my brain isn't working very well, but if you have any questions about my project, feel free to ask!

The supports for the bridge, and the cladding under the bridge

Our happy family!

Now I can FINALLY catch up on my Sister's Ten BOM blocks! I'm way behind, I only got one of May's done and I haven't touched June... sad face.


  1. You're back!!! I'm happy to see a blog post from you again, I was waiting for a while to see what you were up to bridge-wise (and well sewing wise haha) :) I hope you can post some sewing progress soon!

  2. I'm impressed that you ever have time to blog or quilt with all you have going on. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Somehow this post didn't show up in my reader! Ahh! THE BRIDGE! IT'S SO COOL!!! Those are some mighty fine stairs you designed. So cool that you helped build that! And it works and everything! And it looks so niiiiice!!

    Glad you're back among us! Congrats I finishing the bridge :)