Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lazy Couch is Lazy

I'm absolutely terrible about keeping up with this blog. I get so caught up in what I'm doing at school that I just forget to write about it.

But lots happened since my last post! Like Thanksgiving! And Black Friday! And my anniversary with Flash! All good things.

Thanksgiving was crazy this year. We all packed up and headed to Pa's parent's house, with his wife, Boo, the girls, and the dog in tow. Flash came down to celebrate with us too, which was very awesome. 

Holidays are always a bit crazy and tensions usually flare. This year was no exception. Everyone had fun, for sure, but everyone was a little tense and frustrated at one point or another. I feel odd saying it, but it's nice to be back at school and in the swing of things.

I headed out for my first Black Friday shopping experience with my Grandmother. We went to JoAnn's around 11 or so, and it was PACKED even then. They had a huge sale on flannel fabric and fleece, so I made sure to pick some up. 

My local apartment bear is here modeling my purchases. 

First, some cozy fleece for a christmas present for a special someone.

MOOSES AND BEARS. And coordinating colors (that are not good quality flannel, but that's what I get for $1.49 a yard). 

And some crazy snowmen!

They had some AWESOME mustache flannel that I almost got (with Flash in mind), but they were selling it in 8 yard bundles and I didn't need 8 yards. I wish I had though, I could've made Flash an entire bedsheet set of mustache flannel. 

I took advantage of my grandmother's sewing room and cut the squares for Flash's nephew's baby quilt, too.



  1. I was tempted by the SAME MUSTACHE FLANNEL. But what would I do with so many mustaches? I, too, had to pass it by...

  2. love those crazy snowmen, and mustaches sounds fun, what a shame it was in such large quantities! : )

    1. I know, right? It was only $13 though, I really should've gotten it. But alas, I'm on a college student budget and bought a nice straight edge instead.

  3. Those fabrics you cut up look great!

    1. Thanks! I'll make sure to post photos once I've sewn them together, they're all so cute!

  4. local apartment bear? Hey I may need one of those to model my quilty stuff