Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Finishes and Finals

I had my final presentation for school yesterday at 2:30, so everything quilting related has been pushed off the table (literally, I needed the room for my drawings). I have been pulling long days and late nights and early mornings for a full week now, and it all paid off because my review was GREAT!

Oh, I was proud. I was so proud. I made fantastic drawings (by hand, no less- no computer work here), I spoke eloquently, and I really impressed the panel of professors and guests that were there. They paid me the highest compliment: "I wish this building was real!"

THEY WISHED IT WAS A REAL BUILDING. I'm out of my mind excited. It was so great. Maybe I'll scan the drawings sometime and show you what I did. One of the drawings I made is actually my all time favorite of my 4 years in architecture school, so there's that.

I have one more year of school left. Five year degree and whatnot. It's really bizarre, most of my friends from high school and college are graduating this month and getting jobs and whatever, and I'm planning my thesis and drinking victory beer. I'm stoked for next year though. I'm ready to knock thesis out of the park just like this presentation.

But the reason you all read my blog is for the quilts! I finally, completely, 100% finished my Salt Water quilt! I'm so excited, I've slept under it and it's very comfy. I'm calling it "Ripples", due to the unfortunate manner in which I quilted it.

When I was quilting, I sewed lines every 6 inches from left to right. I ended up filling it in with lines every inch going from right to left. So, it pulled the fabric every which way. I was really upset about it when I noticed halfway through quilting, but I just went with it. I wasn't about to pull everything out and start over, that's not worth it. But once it was finished, I really liked all the ripples. They went with the watery feel of the fabric print quite nicely.

I'm happy. I've got quilts finished, I've got the school year finished, I'm starting my job full time on Monday, and the world is good.


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  1. Love it! And that you just embraced the rippliness. I also found out the hard way that my machine produces ripples if I alternate the direction of my line sewing. So now I quilt straight lines all going the same direction! I wonder if it would help if my walking foot fed fabric through more evenly somehow... Hmm.

    Also, CONGRATS ON YOUR AWESOME REVIEW!!! Man, architecture students are going to be reading books about YOU in like, 20 years. No lie :D