Sunday, March 30, 2014

Free Weekends

I'm not used to free time. Being an architecture student means that you're busy almost all the time- making drawings, making models, complaining to your classmates about how miserable you are, etc. So when we actually do get a moment to ourselves that doesn't involve schoolwork, we don't know how to fill it.

I've had a couple free weekends as of late, and it's bizarre. That's actually one of the reasons why I got into quilting more, so I had something creative do to in my down time. I can't actually sit and relax, I prefer to always be doing something. And quilting has been AWESOME for that. I get to be busy and creative, and it's not stressful!

The only problem is that the TV is downstairs and my machine is in the loft.

I did finish the top of Hanna's quilt this weekend though! It just needs a back. Story of my life, right?

I lined up the diagonals really well.


  1. Yeah you did! That looks awesome! I usually just watch netflix on a laptop/my work iPad (shhhh). There's no room for a tv in my sewing room!

  2. Also, I'm the same way. Not got at just sitting around... Major reason why I knit and crochet, too. So my hands are always doing something even if I'm just watching a movie ;)

  3. Beautiful! I understand your tv conundrum...finally bought a tv for my sewing room...just so I can listen to something while I sew :)