Friday, March 7, 2014

My New Space

I've had a hard time finding time for sewing this semester. I'm busy with architecture school, my roommates are busy with school, and I haven't had a free weekend to sew since January. To add to the difficulty, my roommate uses our only table to study on, and I feel bad taking it over to sew all the time.

But despite that, I made time to finish the Triangle Wedding Quilt! And let me just say, my new machine quilts like a dream. I love it. That integrated walking foot is the neatest piece of technology. When I want to use it, I just pull it down and it pops into place. Quilting done? I can pop it right back up out of the way. And the throat is huge! It's magnificent!

I had to get the hang of shuffling around fabric.

Quilting this quilt was a bit of a challenge, but in a really random way. I don't have a marking pencil or a chalk pencil, so I was marking some of the straight lines with pins. And I got stuck a lot. Oh man, I had one go under my nail when I reached into my pin tin. That one hurt. And when I was hand sewing the binding on, I realized I didn't have a thimble. So, my right middle finger got a nice prick in it from pushing that needle in.

But the quilt is done! I'm heading to Florida today to escape the winter weather (Seriously, it snowed AGAIN this morning. I am so done), and I brought the quilt along for some photos. 

And I'd like to share with you my new sewing space! My other roommate felt bad at my struggles with the kitchen table, so she brought a card table from home and I made a new (permanent!) sewing space up in my loft. Next to my bed.


It's not the most spacious area, but it means I have a place to work that doesn't bother my roomies, which is really important to me. I've actually got the motivation to work on some of my other unfinished quilt tops now! Salty Triangles or Sister's Ten: Octopus Edition anyone? (names pending) But then I have to think about how I'm going to quilt them... and I actually don't have a free motion foot for my machine. Alas!

Be inspired, everyone! Winter is almost over, and a spring of sewing is just around the corner!

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  1. Bet you can find a free motion foot somewhere nearby! Or on amazon if that fails lol

    But yay for having your own sewing space! It kinda sucks having to quilt on the dining table. I did that when we had roommates. I was so happy when they moved out and I could invade the newly empty bedroom! :D can't wait to see the photo shoot!