Monday, March 24, 2014

A Busy, Happy Monday

I presented my mid-term work on Friday, so I've found myself in a rare calm spot work-wise. Even rarer, I had a weekend to myself in my apartment! So, I got busy and worked on a few things I've been eyeballing.

First, I found Maureen Cracknell's Herringbone Quilt on the internet, and was dying to make it. I've never done a "quilt as you go" project before, but I had been collecting bits of batting from other quilts I've finished and figured now was as good a time as any to try something new!

I realized halfway through that none of my strips are really the same size. They're supposed to be 64 inches long, and they're mostly longer than that. Which is great, I can trim a quilt. But still, I felt silly once I realized that. I guess I'll just turn the extra bits into some really nice potholders.

My roommate Hanna has been collecting fat quarters that she likes for a while. She doesn't sew, so she gave me her collection to do something with. As soon as she handed me that bag, this quilt came into my mind. So I added a few pieces from my stash, and the quilt has been coming together nicely! I have two strips left, then I can start putting it together.

Second, I have decided to start piecing a back for the Salty Triangles quilt top I finished in August. I have a bunch of random bits of fabric that I'm slapping together for the back- actual Salt Water prints, a little triangle block I threw together this summer, some extra white fabric from my Sister's Ten quilt, and some nice cream fabric that I found out was actually two king sized pillowcases. So, there you go.

It's not done yet.

But I am so digging this clothesline on my loft. It's a great place to keep my projects (much better than the floor, or on my bed), and it makes a nice fort to hide behind.

Happy Monday, folks!


  1. Happy Monday indeed! Love those herringbone strips :D glad you got through your midterms okay!

  2. Those will be some lovely potholders! And how nice to have a friend who doesn't sew but likes to collect fat quarters! You should be very nice to her. ;)

    1. Haha it is the best kind of friend! I don't have to buy any of the fabric :) It does mean that I feel kind of obligated to give her the quilt when it's done, but I have three others in the works that are for myself, so I'm ok with parting with one.