Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Day at the Beach

I escaped snowy Blacksburg for sunny Florida! It's so nice to be somewhere that isn't cold, for once. It's not hot here, since I'm only about 9 miles south of Georgia, but it's better than snow and ice.

I brought the triangle wedding quilt along for some photos. I made sure to pack it nice and tenderly in my Farmer's Market Tote, to keep the sand off it. I made it all the way down to the beach, pushing our little beach cart with towels and beer (Spring Break woo!), and then I tilted the cart backward... and the quilt fell out into the sand. SAD. I was able to brush it all off though.

The couple who this is for actually honeymooned in the Outer Banks, so this beach setting is fitting for the debut of their quilt.

I saw some people in blog land making half square triangle quilts like this, and it seemed fun and exciting for a gift quilt. So, I picked some pretty bright colors and went to town! The solids are Kona, and the prints are from Architextures and some blue scalloped fabric I got from my grandma.

This isn't a really "wedding"y quilt, especially with all the colors. But I think it's a fun and exciting quilt, weddings be damned! 

Here are the top five uses for this quilt:
1. To snuggle under with the new hunny bunny on the couch (in those cold Chicago winters where the couple lives right now)
2. To have a picnic on (not in those cold Chicago winters)
3. As a cape when the new wife/husband suddenly needs help and they can swoop in to save the day
4. To plop the new baby on to play (if/when they have a baby, preferably after graduation happens)
5. As a headboard for the bed!

I hope they like it!


  1. Oh my god I love this quilt!! The red binding is amazing. Lucky lucky friends! And lucky you to have escaped to the warm. I've been trying to solve the same problems myself: we got away from winter by moving from NJ back to CA last month, but we're now camping with my folks so my fabric is in a suitcase. :( Your new sewing space is great! May it see many more happy quilts. This one looks so great, I may have to make a triangle quilt myself. Once the fabric gets unpacked...

  2. How could they not like it?? Its awesome! And great photo shoot. Yay for getting away from the cold! If there's one thing Arizona is missing, its a beach. I'm secretly hoping California will drift off into the ocean and then it'll be perfect here :P

    Beautiful quilt for some very lucky friends :) I think you should include the uses for it in the card! Hahaha