Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Little Happy Things

I haven't written anything in a while because I haven't felt any motivation to do anything... With Flash being gone and unable to talk, I've been feeling lonely and down lately.

"Wouldn't that be the perfect time to sew, then, Couch?" you ask. Well yes, dear reader, yes it would, except I haven't felt like sewing and cutting and sewing on my Scrappy Trip Along, or starting my uncle's tshirt quilt. I did buy fabric for a baby quilt I was commissioned for, that was fun.

The color scheme is "Spring Garden at Sunset"

I'm very excited!

Anyway, today I got some of my mojo back and I finished sewing strips together for my STA. That's all done, now for the cutting and picking and sewing and pressing and sewing.... oh my. I was feeling overwhelmed, so I went into my (tiny) stash and pulled some fabrics to make Fresh Lemons' Farmer's Market Tote. And guess what I made.


I love it. It's the perfect size for carrying fabric or rulers or legos or tiny dogs or three cats or six bunches of bananas. It's my first finish for the year, so I ROCK.

Also, Gen X released March's block for the Sisters' Ten Block of the month: the School Girl's Puzzle. I sat down on Friday and made the two blocks I needed. I couldn't take photos of them though because my camera died and I misplaced the charger... whoops.

I love the different vibes you get from each color combination.

I read Traceyjay's blog, and every month she sets three goals for herself. I think that is a great idea- it'll keep me on track with my commissioned works and keep me busy while Flash is in Awesometown, Europe.

1. I will finish my scrappy trip along quilt top. Maybe even quilt it. Who knows?

2. I will learn how to free motion quilt (so that I can quilt the scrappy trip along)

3. I will get all of the 30 tshirts my uncle gave me cut up and arranged and assembled into a quilt top.

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  1. I really love all the blocks you've made for the sisters ten bom! The colors and prints are so awesome. Those fabrics for the baby quilt are great, too! Definitely looks like spring at sunset :)

    YAY for finishing a tote bag!!! I need to make myself one... I made one for my aunt for Christmas and kept telling myself.it would be OK to let it go because I would just make myself a new one. Yeah. Still hasn't happened... someday!!

    Looking forward to seeing all your progress! :) Sorry the lack of Flash is getting you down though. I do the same thing when Mario goes out of town without me :/ shoot me an email if you wanna talk about quilty things to get your creative juices flowing!

  2. All of it looks pretty. Especially the color patterns.