Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday is almost over, and I was just able to sit down at my machine and get some work done.

I don't know if I'm the only college quilt blogger out there or if no one else has jobs, but everyone whose blog I read seems to have boatloads of time on their hands. I'm really jealous, you all make beautiful works of art, while I sit in a lecture hall learning about how buildings are put together.

But I was able to make a HUGE dent in my scrappy trip along quilt! I set aside groups of 6 strips the other day, and today I sewed together all but five sets. I would've pressed on, but I had a beer while I was sewing and it made me tired.

Speaking of beer, I got my latest Craft Brew of the Month club box today! 12 bottles of 4 new beers are waiting for me- I just need to finish off last month's box first... I'm a slow drinker. It doesn't help that I'd rather have a glass of milk than a beer, either.

But I digress. I sewed most of the strips into tubes! I'm going to cut them all up here soon, and then stitch them into squares. I tend to work in phases, instead of knocking out 4 blocks at a time. I'd much rather do steps one and two a million times over and be done with them.

Pile of strips!

Pile of finished blocks!

All of my blocks have a strip of blue fabric down the center (mostly because I had too many blue strips), which I thought would give a nice composition to the finished quilt. I'm going to end up with 40 blocks, so I'm thinking I'll do a 5x8 arrangement. And if each block is about 6.5" square, then that will give me.... a 30x48 inch quilt! Smaller than I had hoped for, but at least the fabric is used up and done. Then maybe I can tackle the monster I have hidden away in my closet...

Back when I was finishing up my string quilt, I decided to just crazy piece the backing out of all my leftover fabric. I was excited at first, but as I kept sewing pieces together, I realized it looked god awful. Worst thing ever. So, I hid it away and named it "Quilt Barf", and haven't looked at it since July. But maybe it's time to dig it out and try to make something nice.

This is the last time I buy a boatload of fabric and cut it up into strips for one quilt. I had enough left over to make Quilt Barf and a STA quilt- obviously, I had too much.

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  1. I totally get the not enough time to get to do what we like vs work or school! Yeah for weekends! And a beer or two.....

  2. I definitely have way more free time than you, I think, even now that I have a full time job! Once you graduate you'll be amazed by how much time you have now that you no longer have homework... It's kind of fabulous. I haven't gotten over that guilty feeling like I should be working on something for class yet... Hope that goes away soon!

    I can't wait to see your scrappy trip all put together! :D

  3. College may been awhile ago for me and I remember feeling there was not much free time. I am amazed you find time to do it so enjoy it and know you are getting something done along the way. I always wanted to quilt during college but actually started after I finished.

  4. Hi, I found your blog through the "Small Blog Link Up" on Lily's Blog. I VERY recently started blogging about my quilting projects. I love the fabric you are using for this quilt. - Jessica @ A Bushel and A Peck

  5. I think the people with fabulous blogs & amazing projects never sleep :) That's their secret!

    I'm sure it feels like you don't have any free time right now. Attending classes, endless homework, reports,'s never ending! I couldn't even imagine trying to quilt when I was in college...there was never enough time.