Sunday, February 10, 2013

I need an idea.

I'm terrible at this whole blogging consistently thing. I check my list of blogs every day, and I get bummed when they haven't posted anything new, but I haven't updated mine for almost a week. FOR SHAME, MEOW, FOR SHAME.

Anyway, my week has been spent mending things of Flash's with my sewing machine. Just small projects while I figure things out. Also, I still don't know where the "stop" button is on my machine, or even if machines have "stop" buttons anymore. My mom's Husqvarna does, but that's an old machine. Oh well.

I've been thinking about all of the different bundles of fabric I have, and I want to make some quilts. Does anyone out there in sewing blog-land have any suggestions?

I have 12 fat quarters from Tula Pink's Salt Water line,

A yard each of orange and green flannel, two yards of bear and moose flannel,

And 14 or so fat quarters from the Architextures lines.

Mostly I want to find something to do with the flannels I have. The others, I'm not in too much of a rush to get those pieced together. But anyway! If you have a suggestion for a design/pattern you love, or one you think would work for the bold flannel print, or even just a comment, please let me know! Studio is zapping me of my creative juices right now and I need help getting a new sewing project!


  1. I think something large scale might be good for the moose and bear? Maybe alternating 9 patch blocks with the orange and green with big solid squares of the print? Or square in square? Hmmm. I'm going to be starting a Kitchen Window quilt (a la Oh Fransson!

    It is supposed to be for my sister for her birthday... but I may just make two so I can keep one :P

    1. GAH that quilt is beautiful! I LOVE Oh Frasson! I made her crazy nine patch quilt for Flash's nephew ( And Birch fabrics are driving me crazy right now. I want all of them.

      I bought the Sierra's Forest pattern from Kate Conklin Designs (, and I was looking at some Birch fabrics to use in the quilt. That huge panel is throwing me a curve ball, I haven't found anything online yet that's really speaking to me. But Burch's Storyboek 2 line has some promise! (

    2. I got the small window pane pieces all cut today :D wanna do the frames after work... but I still need background fabric! Ugh!

      That quilt is SO COOL. I don't know about the middle panel though. I think you'll just have to do some fabric shopping til you find something that feels like it'll work? Hmmm.

      Also. Thanks to you I have a serious need to make a swoon quilt -.- purple and white, I think. Or maybe I should do other colors since I just did purple and white hounds tooth? Ah! Don't.know!