Friday, October 3, 2014

9(9) Problems, but a Stitch Ain't One

Amy over at 13 Spools has started a round of talking about our quilter problems. Although I'm not quilting much these days, I have felt these troubles and have decided to share, as an effort to cleanse my heart and get things off my chest.


1. Piecing together your quilt back, and realizing you only have enough fabric to barely cover the quilt front. So you say "Screw the 4" of extra quilt back on all sides!" rule and quilt it anyway. And then you get spots of your quilt that show the batting.

2. Switching the direction of your quilting, so your stitches pull in opposite directions. You tell everyone you did it on purpose, to make the quilt look ripple-y, but you know you're lying.

3. Trying to get the cover back on my machine... it takes three solid minutes of wiggling and finagling.

4. Not having a big enough quilting table.

5. Not having enough safety pins for basting. Or, deciding to save some money and not buy basting spray, in favor of the pins you already have. And then not having enough pins.

6. Cutting into your precious hoarded prints, only to decide you don't want to make that quilt idea anymore.

7. Dropping pins in the carpet... and finding them with your feet. 

8. Having everyone in your life demand you make a quilt for them, when you're averaging about two a year.

9. And my biggest quilter problem... NOT FREAKING HAVING THE TIME TO QUILT.

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