Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recap: October

I've thought about abandoning blogging in the past month. My schedule this semester is so packed between work, architecture, other classes, and maintaining my own sanity that I haven't had any time for quilting. But then I find a quiet morning and I think, "I'm ready to share now".

October was absolutely packed this year. My blog turned 2, I turned 23, and so many more exciting things happened.

On October 4th, I competed in a rock climbing competition, and placed 3rd in my category! Also, in relation to all the women who climbed that day, I had the 7th highest score. Out of like 20, but that's still an accomplishment!
The gym, with the crowd of climbers.

On October 11th, CJ and I escaped to Asheville, NC for some R&R&Beer. I bought a stein.
I didn't finish the beer...

On October 13th, I presented my thesis work to my peers. Sadly, I didn't photograph it, but the wall was full of charcoal drawings and photo collages. My big end of semester presentation is coming up on December 1st, where I'll pin all of my work up on the wall and stand by it from 8am to 5pm, talking to whoever walks by. I'm a little frantic at the moment, thinking about what I want to prepare for that day. With thanksgiving break coming, I really only have a week and a half of school to work, plus any days during break that I stay here, and don't go home.

On October 16th, I turned 23 years old. CJ had to work late that day, so I had a fantastic day with my friends. I wore my favorite sweater and earrings and felt pretty amazing :) That's really what birthdays are about, making the day special in your own way. I went to my friends' flag football game, made 5 little chocolate cakes with my friend Lindsey, and went out for margaritas with everyone later.
Presents on my desk :)

On October 18, I dressed like a viking and played in the Beer Olympics, in honor of my friend Ryan (who passed away on August 2nd this year). It was a hilariously fun day, and I'm sure Ryan enjoyed it from his box seat up in heaven.

On October 19, I went to Charlottesville with CJ to go apple picking with my Dad and Co. It was a really fun day, full of climbing apple trees and birthday presents. We went out to dinner at the Three Penny Cafe, and I had the most delicious monkfish of my life.

Even Dad climbed a tree. And my present is so comfy.

The next week was full of me not working on studio, because I earned a break, right? Pin up, right? Right? Yeah, I should've worked harder.

On October 24, my mom came into town for the weekend! We went to the pumpkin patch, hiked Buffalo Mountain, ate dinner in Floyd, and rode the Virginia Creeper bike trail. Plus we exchanged birthday presents (since hers is in September and I hadn't seen her yet).

And then on November 1, Dad and Irina came into town to visit and attend the VT-Boston College football game. We lost pretty embarassingly, but I had a great time. I don't get to go to sporting events with my dad really, so watching football with him was a real treat.
It was also cold.

And now it is handily into November! I've started back up with my thesis work (nose to the grindstone), I'm enjoying my pottery class, and (most importantly), I attended the Virginia Society of the AIA (Architect's Institute of America) convention and gala to accept an Excellence in Architecture award for the bridge I worked on two years ago. I made a connection with the principal of my DREAM firm, and I sent off my resume, cover letter, and work sample yesterday morning in the mail :) Hopefully, I'll be looking for a Quilt Guild in Seattle soon!

Also I finished this mini quilt:

And I did other things this month too, like a bit of quilting and going to the park and drinking tea from my handmade teapot.


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