Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finish It Up Saturday

Today was a wonderful awesome day, which is exactly what I needed after a crazy week of school. We had LOTS of drawings to do, and there was a possibility that our bridge would get axed, but all of that has been fixed and we should be good to start construction soon!

My friend and I went to the New River Brewfest this morning. I won tickets on the radio to the event, which was AWESOME. And it was really fun! The weather was nice, the beer was delicious, and I got a free glass out of it. 

Then, once I got home, a friend contacted me about some fabric at a yard sale. Bags of fabric for $2. Guess who is now five bags of fabric richer? THIS KID.

I found some beautiful squares that I will need to make something out of.

And this adorable rooster print!

Also, today, I finally got the courage to clear away the coffee table and start laying out the t-shirt squares I had cut for my uncle's t-shirt quilt. It turned out to be a really big quilt, but I started and finished it in about 5 hours!
squares laid out.
And sewn together!

I knew I didn't have the space in my sewing cave to spread this quilt out, so I took over the living room and made a tiny sewing table out of the coffee table. I used my friendly apartment bear as a chair and busted out my tiny ironing board to put on the floor next to me. Goodness knows this is NOT how my grandmother taught me to sew, but I am young and driven and I really wanted to watch Bones while sewing, so I found a way.

Now I have THREE quilts to quilt! YAY. Plus the other baby quilt not pictured, so that makes 4...


  1. Watching TV while I sew is pretty much why my sewing machine is in the same room as my computer ;) yay for finishing the t shirt quilt!! It looks great! And yay for good beer and projects not getting.axed! :D sounds like a good weekend to me!!

  2. I second this! A productive weeking including time with a friend and sewing while watching tv sounds like it could not have been beat. I hope you can show us some progress quilting or a finished one soon.

    1. But see, if I show you quilting, then that means I have to actually sit down and QUILT things... and I'm still not good at that, hahaha.