Thursday, November 21, 2013

Finding Time. And a Job.

I packed up all my sewing things last Friday and made the journey to Nashville to spend some time with my momma. After a quick weekend in Blacksburg with CJ, I drove the remaining 6 hours to mom's house and quickly made myself at home.

I've set up camp in the basement

The week has been madness. I went on two job interviews (and got offered an internship position at both! And then spent a day in panic because I had to pick one and turn the other down), finished getting everything ready for Swoon #1 to be quilted (cut batting, made backing, even made the binding!), and started work on Swoon #2. I'm two blocks in, and I finished cutting fabric on Monday. Go me!

My little layout table

I'm trying to find someone in Nashville or Virginia who could quilt my Swoon quilts for me (that also won't cost me an arm and a leg), since I'm running out of time. I wanted them done by Christmas... But I've got everything for Swoon #1 sitting in a nice, neat, pile, all ready to go. 

I'm using Flea Market Fancy for Swoon #2! Allison, you would love it :)

I'm going to have a lot of half finished projects here soon. I've got my Salt Water Quilt top that needs finishing, my Sister's Ten BOM quilt will *hopefully* be done here soon, plus Swoons #1 and #2, AND I wanted to make a quilt as a gift for a friend. And join another BOM. And do a traveling quilt. 

I'm sorry I don't have any photos of them yet, but Swoon #1 and Quilt Barf both look awesome! I'll get around to photographing them soon...


  1. OMG I do love them! Those blocks are perfect. That's going to be such an awesome swoon!! Can't wait for pictures of these other! Congrats on the internship!

    Have you figured out Flickr yet?? You need to get on that group!

  2. Welcome home! That's some swoonful swoon you have there :-)