Thursday, January 2, 2014

Projects Projects Projects

2014 looks like I'm going to be up to my ears in quilts- how fantastic!

I'm working on a half square triangle quilt for two friends who got married on the 27th. I found inspiration from Adrianne's Pistols at Dawn Quilt,  I'm so excited to be making a quilt for them, buy once I ordered my fabric, I started to worry. 

See, I ordered some Bella Solids charm packs, to make my half square triangle making easier (less cutting!). I ordered four packs- silver, red, dark blue, and orange. Except I realized once they arrived that the orange pack was in fact not orange, but a multi-colored pack with an orange square on top.

Way to go me.

So I'm scrambling to make it work. Silver, red, and blue look a LOT like a 4th of July quilt, which is super mega awkward for a wedding present. So, I added some of my Architextures fabric that I got last christmas to break it up, plus a blue scalloped print, PLUS some orange fabric I had lying around. I'm still in the process of pressing and trimming, so we'll see how it all lays out in the next few days. Here's hoping for gravy, and not a mess.
So. Many. Triangles.

Back before Christmas, I ordered some fabric for a quilt I've been DYING to work on. I found Kate Conklin's Sierra's Forest pattern last year, and knew I'd make it one day. And this summer, I found and fell in love with Sarah Watson's Indian Summer line, and I knew it would be perfect for this pattern. So, thanks to a fortuitous pay period, I was able to finally buy the fabric I wanted! I'M SO EXCITED TO GET STARTED.
Indian Summer Fabrics- SO STOKED.

Plus, I've laid aside some fabric for the traveling quilt project I am in, the Fierce Quilters' Bee! I need to get my butt in gear here in January!

Bee fabrics!


  1. Sometimes the best quilts come out of mistakes---making do forces you to be more creative. I'm sure your wedding quilt will be brilliant (although I'm not sure "pistols at dawn" is the most wedding-centric title!). And the Sierra's Forest pattern looks like a great way to showcase large fun prints. I might have to make one myself someday!

    1. Hahaha yeah, that name may not be the most well wishing wedding quilt title... I was definitely going to rename it! Thanks for the encouragement, here's to making the best!

  2. Man, I hate when I do stuff like that! But I think you'll be able to pull it off. Kudos for doing all those HSTs. If there's one thing I hate doing, it's trimming a thousand tiny blocks!

    Which fabric is for Fierce Quilters?? I can't wait!! :D

  3. Ooh so glad you got to purchase the Indian Summer fabrics you wanted, and as Anna said you certainly get props for making and trimming all of those triangles. And I like the bee fabric pull, especially the green from Hope Valley :) You're a sewing machine right now (haha I'm so funny) it's crazy, I need to jump in and start sewing too. And happy new year!