Monday, December 23, 2013

A Very Merry Monday!

After a three day trek from Nashville, TN, I am at my dad's place in Richmond, VA! I stopped twice to spend some time with my Grandmother and my boyfriend, which is always nice. And CJ and I saw the new Hobbit movie on Saturday, which was super duper fun. He thought it was a little too cute at times, and I didn't like how many wide swooping panoramic shots there were, but overall it was a fun movie. I eat up the LOTR movies like they're movie theater popcorn, I love them.

But I'm here to show off the two swoon quilts I made for my stepsisters for Christmas! I started work on them back in July, before I left for my study abroad trip. The first quilt took around two and a half months to make, and the second one took two weeks. I was on a tight deadline, so I said goodbye to my social life and locked myself in the sewing dungeon (a.k.a. the basement of my mom's house) to get them both finished.

And here they are! And they're MASSIVE! There isn't anywhere big enough here in the house to take photos, and it's raining outside, and I need to wrap them soon to get under the tree...

I know for sure that the quilt on the left is made mostly with FQ's of Flea Market Fancy. The one on the right, I have no idea- my local fabric shop had a Fat Quarter Frenzy sale, and I just snatched up whatever colors I thought would work well together. 

This one is for the 8 year old...

and this one is for the 6 year old.

Both are bound with a solid colored binding- the upper is light blue, the lower is light pink. And I just realized I didn't take any photos of the backing, which is a gross oversight on my part. Sorry, all!

I am so glad they're done! I still need to clean them up a bit, but they're ready for Christmas morning :)


  1. Gaaaah so pretty! You picked the fabrics for the second one well! They all coordinate so nicely :) must be such a relief to have them done :)

  2. They look beautiful! I'm sure they will love them...well done! :)

  3. What beautiful quilts! And amazing gift--I bet they will be treasured for a very long time!