Monday, June 23, 2014

Pink Scraps

I caught a cold when I came home from Bonnaroo. I'd been dealing with it all last week, and it was getting worse the closer I got to the weekend. Naturally, I should've taken it easy and rested all weekend, especially when I woke up Saturday with no voice.

That is not what I did.

I went to Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE with some friends on Saturday. Get up early, drive 2 hours, listen to music all day, stay out late, drive home late, get to sleep around 4am. GREAT for people with colds. But I did rest all of Sunday!

Bryana, Abby, Jen, and Mattie- and the singer from Twenty One Pilots, who climbed on top of the sound booth.

I'm a sturdy base.

Sunday was FINALLY a sewing day. The problem with only having time on the weekends to sew and traveling most weekends is that I don't ever get a chance to work. But I FINALLY got a chance to play with the pile of Half-Square Triangles I have left over from those Swoon Quilts I made for Christmas/Hanukkah. 

I've decided to make three baby-sized quilts with the fabric I have left over. They're still going to be small, probably around 30" square, but I would much rather put these bits of fabric to good use than let them sit in my scrap bin. And hey, I already know the colors work well together, since I, you know, made a quilt out of them already.



Four little squares, about 11"x11"- AND SO ADORABLE

I also have a butt ton of scraps, so I'll be making a little patchwork quilt too. And some 9-patches for the center and corners of this pink quilt. And probably a triangle-y quilt/potholder as well. Who knows? The world of fabric is expansive and has many opportunities.

Laid out some 9 patches. The squares are 1.5"x1.5"

And some sashing! But the cleaning ladies messed up my layout and now I have a square missing.

Piles of squares and triangles!

And my mess of a desk.

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