Sunday, June 29, 2014

Worker Bee

I'm on a sewing kick at the moment. It's a nice place to be, especially since I haven't been in the mood to sew in months. I can feel it starting to burn out already though, so I have to pace myself. I was commissioned to make two baby quilts (and the woman took me to the fabric store and paid for it all! SCORE), so I can't burn out yet.

I've been chipping away at my scrap bin this week. First I made this out of some half square triangles, and then decided to make more quilts like it. But the "just like it" part didn't pan out as expected. Instead, I made three other quilts that do NOT look anything like Quilt 1.


I LOVED making this quilt. Holy crap. I think the colors all work together so nicely and everything is pointing up instead of diagonally and this just makes me feel so happy to look at. It reminds me of a basket of cherries.


I had four leftover wonky blocks from this quilt, and I've been sitting on them for over a year and a half. I finally just slapped them together and decided it's the perfect size for a 1-ish year old to carry around and not smother themselves with. 


Literally finished this one an hour ago. It's Flea Market Fancy fabric, just like Quilt 2. But I had four HSTs left and some squares, blah blah blah, quilt. I really like these patchwork quilts, they're quick to make and I love how crisp they look. And I have some big dreams for how to quilt it, too.

None of these are being made for anyone in particular. I figured I would just make a slew of quilts and sell/give them away to people as I see fit. They're all on the small side, I'll give proper measurements later. But they're small enough for toddlers to carry around, it's just their size! OR small enough to hang on the wall of your quilt studio!

I have a feeling that Quilt 2 is staying with me.

The gang's all here! I use white a lot.

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