Saturday, January 19, 2013

Photoshoot: The Baby Quilts

I was just trying to think of a name for the baby quilts three, and "Bright and Wild" just came to mind.

Anyway, winter storm Iago blew through Virginia the other day, leaving lots of snow and ice in its path and Flash and I stranded in Farmville on our way home from the beach. Once we finally made it home (with a stop in Roanoke to visit his dad and slide the car through some gnarly ice, resulting in us taking a mini van home instead of his mazda), we decompressed for a bit and headed out to the park with his dog and his roommate, Tuck.

We make our own fun.

I'm going to give the quilts away tomorrow, and I'm very excited for Flash's sister to finally see them in real life :)


A baby snowman stopped by to admire the baby quilts

Close up of the big baby quilt

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