Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Quilts- Finished!

I have finally completed the baby quilts for Flash's sister! Two loveys for two future babies (one is her friend's) and one quilt for big brother!

Big Brother's quilt, and the two loveys.

I'm very pleased with how everything turned out. The backs of the quilts are a very soft fuzzy material called Minky. It was interesting to work with, but all of the little struggles got worked out and now I have lots of fuzzy comfy blankies to show for it :) And I have lots of Minky left over, so I can maybe piece something together to use it all.

I struggled with labels for these quilts for a long time. You should always label your quilts (something I didn't do with my last one- shame on me), for posterity's sake at least. But my name is long, and not very catchy. And if, one day, I start making quilts to sell, I wanted a "brand name", if you will. I went with Couch Creations. I'm not wild about it, but it works for now.

Orange! My favorite color.

I really like what I did with it, with the little couch and how the words are my own handwriting. I think it makes it more personal, and really shows that I made the quilt.

I tried two versions of stitching for the binding. I bound one lovey by hand, like my grandmother taught me. But after spending all of Sherlock Holmes 2 sewing one small quilt (and I wasn't confident that I was catching the minky layer, and not just minky fuzz), I looked around the blog world for an alternative. Cluck Cluck Sew posted a tutorial the other day about machine stitching the binding, so I gave that a try. It was tricky, but it worked out for the most part.

Machine stitched on the right, hand sewn on the left. Hidden seams vs visible seams!

Now that the baby blankets are finished, I've started working on the Block of the Month I'm doing. For those who don't know, a Block of the Month quilt (or BOM) is a yearlong project. Every month, a single block is released. So, you complete a block a month, and end the year with a full quilt! I'll be doing Gen X Quilters' BOM, called the Sisters' Ten. I finally chose all of my fabric yesterday, and cut out the pieces today. I have work this afternoon, and the cleaning people are here, so I haven't been able to sew the blocks yet. But the hard part is down! 

I bought some of Heather Ross' Mendocino prints for my birthday, and I thought they would make a beautiful quilt. So, I went out and bought some coordinating solids to flesh out my fabric requirements!

I'm really excited for this BOM- It'll be something nice and relaxing for me to do during school!

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  1. Ahh! So cute! I love how bright and happy they are :) I haven't labeled any of my quilts... ah well. There is always the future! Super excited to see your blocks! Your fabric is great :)

    1. Thank you! It was a birthday present from me to me :) I'm worried I won't have enough fabric though, the prints are all fat eighths (except the yellow, which is a yard) and I just worry that I'm going to end up in September with no fabric left.

    2. That sounds like a good excuse to buy a little more fabric to me! Valentine's day present? St. Patrick's day? First day of school present? Eh? ;)

      (Also- always forget to check for replies here, sorry! I'm used to getting/sending them via e-mail)