Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ski Weekend

I haven't gotten much time with my dad since he got married this summer, so this weekend we went away to Snowshoe for some ski time awesomeness. Boo and his girlfriend came too, but they mostly skied on their own.

Dad and I ROCKED the slopes. Conditions were great, there was lots of snow, and all of the slopes were awesome. We started skiing about five or so years ago, and we're both at the point in our skills where we can hop on any slope and make our way down. It's a really great place to be.

There was one slope we found that we hadn't skied before that we LOVED. Turns out it was a black diamond, which is the hardest grade of slope. That made me feel really awesome, that I was skiing black diamonds and really enjoying myself.

Bonus present on the trip: Monday morning, there was lots of snow and frost and ice in the air. Hoarfrost had settled in the mountains, and there were sparkling ice crystals falling through the air- very beautiful, the entire world was sparkling. And there was a DOUBLE CIRCLE RAINBOW around the sun. The light from the sun was reflecting off all of the ice in the air, which created a complete circle around the sun. Then, at the cardinal corners were opposite reflections, (like this: )(, where the ) is the rainbow and the ( is the reflected bit), which were really awesome.

Overall, great weekend. Now I need to get to the fabric store and get some fabric for GenX's BOM and actually USE my new machine!

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