Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's been a very rough and crazy week back at school.

The first day was chaos. I found out that my first class ended at 10:45, and not 10:20 like my schedule said, so that made me late for work, where my shift is 11-3. And when I got back for studio at 3:30, I find out it began at 2. And also our third year design competition was given out at 2.


So I calmed down and started the project, and it's progressing nicely. It's due on Monday at 9pm, so we're busting our butts to get it all done in time. We can work in groups, too, which is amazing. The prompt is to design a visitor's center on a ridge and nature preserve in Bath County, VA, right next to an airport. I'm enjoying it so far, which is always a good sign.

Flash and I went rock climbing Tuesday night to de-stress. There were a ton of new routes set up, and I climbed pretty well. I took a scary fall once, but was able to collect myself and get back on the wall. WOO.

Wednesday sucked because we found out Flash's car is totalled. So I'll be his driver until he goes away to Europe/the West coast in February. Oh by the way, he's going on a semi-spur of the moment European and West Coast-ean adventure in March and April. YAY LONG DISTANCE.

You can tell I'm thrilled.

And today topped off my poopy week sundae with the news that I can't make my work schedule fit with my academic schedule, so I had to leave my job. Now I get to go hunt for a new one that will hopefully accomodate my ridiculous hours.

I'm tired and upset and not thrilled to be back, and I haven't had time to sew anything and I probably won't for a while. Guh. Thankfully, Flash will play Mario Party 4 with me.

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  1. Yikes. Sounds like a rough start to the semester. Hope it doesn't drive you too crazy! And that you get some sewing time. I think it might be necessary for your general well being ;)

    Hang in there!