Friday, June 27, 2014


I have a gift for maximizing the use of my fabric. Since I'm kind of broke and have to prioritize how I spend my money (new brake rotors, yes; new fabric, no) I try to use every bit of scrap and leftover fabric that I can. This is how I was able to make three quilts out of the fabric I pulled for one quilt.

While I was making the Swoon Quilts, I noticed how much fabric I was tossing into the scrap bin while trimming flying geese units. So I figured out an easy way to turn those triangle scraps into Half-Square Triangles, so I ended up with a butt-load of geese and HST's from that project.

The half-square triangles have been sitting around for, oh, I don't know, nearly a YEAR before I finally decided to do something with them. I have enough for three small baby quilts (four if I do something with the original triangle scraps), plus some blocks for an additional quilt.

I'm drowning in usable fabrics :)

But anyway look what I made!


  1. Fun! Sometimes it's fun to dip into the scraps :) I've been trying out quilt-as-you-go projects with them.

  2. Sooo cute. I really need to do something with my swoon scraps! Baby quilt is a genius idea!