Saturday, October 20, 2012


It's always a bummer when you get excited about something you've made, only to have it get picked apart. Pin ups are exactly that. You present your idea, and everyone nit picks it. It's constructive, and it definitely leads to better designs, but man is it un-fun.

My professors hashed out criticism and comments on Friday, and gave us our homework: "You guys will be spending all weekend in studio. Also make section drawings." 

Not very encouraging or descriptive. So I'm planning on going in tomorrow to fix my design.

But today was our Quidditch match against UNCG and UNCW, so studio was put on the back burner. My quidditch family woke up early to truck on down to Greensboro for a day of fun. And fun it was! We won both of our matches, which is always a bonus.

My team, the Virginia Tech Phoenixes!


Typically, you can field a team of 21 for a quidditch match. Today, though, we were only able to rustle up 17 people to go. Also, only 3 of them were girls. According to the rulebook, 2 of the players on the pitch must be of a different gender (affectionately called the "girl rule"). It promotes fairness, keeps the aggression down a bit, and ensures that people get playing time. However, when you only have 3 girls (all of whom who are beaters), things get sticky because there's only one substitute for them. My fellow ladies and I did work today though, and our lack of numbers didn't really hinder our play. 

I played as chaser today too, which I don't typically do. I've spent years complaining about chasing and how I didn't want to do it, but today may have changed my mind. It wasn't too bad- I actually enjoyed it! Chasers are very physical, which I can stand up to. I had fun tackling guys and scoring a goal.

UNC: Greensboro were wonderful hosts, and UNC: Wilmington were pretty awesome too.

After the matches ended, I drove over to my grandparents' house for the afternoon and evening. My grandmother is the one who introduced me to quilting, and I've been looking forward to just going for a quick visit. We talk, I read her quilting magazines, and we pick fabrics for her projects. Today we decided on the binding for her version of Red Pepper Quilt's Zig Zag Rain Fence Quilt. She was very set on having a border, but we decided that just the binding would look better.

My grandparents filled me up with food and my grandfather helped me fix up my car. I love visiting for their company, but the food and car help are definitely nice :)

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