Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post Birthday Post

I realized after pulling the pies out of the oven that I forgot to add cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg to the filling. They taste fine, just... really pumpkin-ey. Which is fine. But I still feel bad.

Yesterday was a wonderful birthday. My boss let me leave work early, studio wasn't too horrible, and classes weren't bad. Fern, Ginger, my best friend Bamboo, Flash, and I went out to dinner, then Flash and I met up with some friends of legal age to go downtown.

The bummer thing about having a birthday in October is that you're older than most of your friends. So I didn't have many people go downtown with me. Flash and his roommate came, and two friends from the Quidditch team. But we had fun, it was trivia night at one bar and there was live jazz at another. I was sufficiently intoxicated, but within reason for it being a weeknight (oh, the woes of a Tuesday birthday....) Overall, good times were had. Also I got to eat fried pickles. 

Flash gave me the last of my birthday presents last night: a book on my FAVORITE architect, Frank Gehry. Yeah, make fun of me, lots of the academic architecture world thinks he's dumb. But I love just how innovative and out there he is with his designs. He's not afraid to push the envelope (or bulldoze the envelope, as it were), and I admire that. Fearless design rocks, and it inspires me to do amazing things. Or at least attempt amazing things.

Studio has picked up, and we're back to designing. I'm really excited, I'm spending a late night in studio. It feels like normal. In the last two months we've been doing research and case studies, so picking up my exacto knife and churning out a model feels great.

I'm working on a site model for my project. It's tedious and long work, but I do enjoy it. (I also enjoy chips.)

ALSO MY FABRIC CAME IN TODAY. SO EXCITED. One of the fat eighths had a piece cut out of it, which was a bummer, but I'm not too worried about it. The woman who I bought the fabric from put in a piece of this cute goldfish print in with my order, so I'm not complaining about anything.

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  1. I know what you mean about your 21st... I only had 3 people old enough to go with me, even though my birthday is in December, not October. But hey, at least you get to go to all your other friends' birthdays and buy them beers!

    Also, kudos on showing restraint and not drinking too much. I did NOT do that. I had to call into work the next day... and I was the supervisor -.-