Monday, July 8, 2013

Steps Towards a Swoon

Anna emailed me very excitedly a week or so ago about FairyFace Designs' Swoon 2013 event. I've mentioned before on here about how I want to make a Swoon quilt, and Anna so wonderfully remembered and thought of me when she heard about the Swoon 2013. I had originally put it out of my mind to do the event, since I just moved and I'm going to be overseas from August to November, but my local quilting store had a fat quarter frenzy event where you could get 10 FQ's for $15.

And I couldn't pass a deal like that up.

I've decided to embark on the impossible task of making TWO swoon quilts- one for each of my stepsisters. I picked up two sets of fabric for the quilts, so each girl will have a different color scheme.

The first quilt is made up of Flea Market Fancy prints and some coordinating solids.

The second is made of some very loud pink and yellow prints.

I think they'll suit two little girls very well, especially the pink one. Flea Market Fancy is more up my alley, whereas the violently pink one is a little... not up my alley. So we will see how much I can get done in 6 weeks!

Bonus photo of my new batting roll.


  1. SWOOOOOON!! EEE! that's so exciting! I love both of your fabric pulls. The pink may not be something I would want on my bed, but it is fun!

    And dude. That is an EPIC batting roll. I so wanted to buy one... but I had to be responsible and make a student loan payment instead. LAME.

  2. Love the fabrics you've picked for your Swoon's! That's one of my favorite patterns! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!