Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Projects

I've been very busy with Swoon Quilt #1 this week- On Tuesday, I put together blocks 2 and 3. On Wednesday, I put together blocks 4 and 5. And then I wanted to shoot myself in the face, because I was so tired of swoon blocks. Two a day is very difficult, especially when one block takes the better part of 3 hours to put together. So I put aside the Swoon quilt and made myself a new case for my camera!

It still needs a snap, but I haven't found the drive to go out and find one.

I consulted a few tutorials on how to make a camera case, particularly's and Amy A La Mode's. In the end, I made my own patterns (to better fit my camera) and followed the instructions on those sites to put it together.

I ran into some snags, but because I am crafty and smart, I was able to put everything together and make it look nice. Huzzah! And I had enough of my quilted material and binding left over to make a tiny pouch for my extra batteries. 

Fits very nicely.

I also found the mojo to finish up my Scrappy Trip Along quilt! I found a very colorful batik for the back and a blue batik for the binding.

I quilted it with dark blue thread along the blue diagonals, and then quilted smaller diamonds in the center of each set of 4 blocks with white thread. It gives the quilt a nice 3-D quality that works well with just how busy it is. 

Then I got back to work on the Swoon Quilt. I needed a good break from it, but was happy to pick it back up.

Block Number 5!

I totally picked the WRONG purple for Block Number 6. For shame.


  1. Cute camera case, a wonderful accomplishment to finish that big quilt, and I really love the swoon blocks! I don't think there's ever a wrong purple though ;)

  2. Wow I am in awe of you. It takes me a whole day to do 1 swoon block! I'm just about managing 1 a week. Your' looks great -especially the orange one. Lovely colour combination. I like the camera bag and the scrappy quilt too!

  3. Omg I love the Swoons!! I really miss mine... But I promised I would get things with deadlines done first. Le sigh. I guess that means I have to sew up a storm so I can get back to work!

    Your camera case is awesome! The battery pouch is such a cute touch :) and your scrappy trip! Yaaaaay! :D you are now officially inducted to the cult of the scrappy trip. Congratulations O.O