Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Surrounded by Swoons

Yesterday was a VERY big day in Blacksburg- the little girl that my Cheery Squares quilt was made for joined this beautiful world! Now both of my friends have had their daughters, and I'm just sitting here sewing.

It took me a few days to get through the first Swoon block, but each one since then has gone much easier. I've completed blocks #2 and #3 and have #4 laid out on the floor.

Number 2!

Number 3!

Wait your turn, block #4.

I'm visiting my mom in Nashville right now (Bellevue, for any of you locals out there), and really need to find a good quilting fabric store. I want to make a camera case for my new Fujifilm X20, but I didn't bring enough of my stash with me across state lines to make it. FOR SHAME. So, a little shopping trip is in order. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Number two is just fabulous, which of the colour schemes did you use? That is, which fabrics are in the block?

  2. Your swoons are gorgeous, keep it up! And sorry, visiting from Arizona and can't recommend a LQS for Bellevue.

  3. So pretty! And you work so fast! Haha love your swoons :)

    I thought I would have block four done by now... But I discovered the fabric I wanted to use for the next one is too small :( now I have to figure out a replacement. S much for doing this all from stash! Ah well.

  4. Very nice colors in your swoon blocks....I'm doing this one these blocks.