Thursday, December 13, 2012

End of the Semester

All my hours of hard work in studio paid off! We had our presentation yesterday, and it went really really well. Mine was the second project that the group discussed, and my professor complimented me on my technical drawings. Score one for Couch!

I took some more photos of my model, and my friendly studio Dinosaur decided to pay a visit.

Dinosaur in the gym!

He fits in the hallway, but not through the classroom door.

He also can climb very well. The view from the balcony is very nice.

After everything was over with in studio, I packed up my desk and headed home. And since Flash's sister lent me her sewing machine (YAY!), I was able to work on Tabby's christmas present! The machine is magical and you don't need a pedal to run it, which completely blew my mind. But I finished the fuzzy blankie, and it's all ready for Christmas.

Here it is, beautifully modeled by my friendly apartment bear!

Two layers of fleece, quilted together. 

In hindsight, I will never ever ever try to quilt fleece together again without basting it better. I used safety pins, but this bad boy was slicker than... something very slippery. Like a bowling lane, I don't know. Instead of knotting the edges (like lots of people do), I made them into loops and looped them together. I think it adds some nice texture to the blanket.


Ta dah!

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  1. Those dinosaur pictures are adorable. Congrats on finishing your project! :) I've never tried to quilt fleece before but I can imagine it being a pain... the edges look really cool though!