Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Model

It is finished and it is beautiful. 

I gave up my weekend nights to finish the section model of my  building. For everyone who isn't an architecture student, a section model or drawing is a slice of a building. You can see all of the support structure like beams and joists and wooden studs and stuff. My professors wanted section models made of basswood for our presentation Wednesday. So, I powered through and delivered.

I finished at like 5:15 last night (morning?!) and wanted to go to bed, so I only have one photo of the finished thing. But here's photos during the whole process!

Those tiny joists I was talking about.

PILES of them. And they all turned out to be too big.

First floor joists in! This is a gym space.

Gym ceiling in!

A nice little cut-away to reveal the structure of the building.

The classrooms on the second floor.

Glass walls with wood doors! I thought it would be a good kind of different.

Those damn joists again.

Very beautifully arrayed.

The front


And the wooden siding on the building.

This is only a slice of my building, the actual design has three buildings in it, but there's no way in poo I'm modeling all of that.

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  1. WOW. That's so cool! It also looks like a TON of work. Jeez! Must feel good to have it done though, huh? :) maybe you'll have crafty time over the break!