Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've been sewing like a man person here in Nashville. I finished piecing ALL of the baby quilts, and I've quilted the first baby baby quilt and put binding on it.

Flash's sister and I were talking, and agreed that the second quilt (patchwork quilt) was just too big. So we decided to just split it in half and make two baby sized quilts (a "lovey", if you will). They're very cute, and it is just oh so nice to work on a small quilt for once. All the other ones I've made fit on a bed.

Also, I'm in LOVE with minky fabric. It's like fleece, but a million times softer and better. I'm using a minky backing with no batting on all of the quilts. It'll make them lights and comfy, perfect for tiny bebeh hands.

I used Elizabeth Hartman's Crazy Nine Patch Lattice pattern for big brother's quilt, and made 3.5" squares from the extra fabric and just pieced those together for future baby's quilt. That way, they coordinate but don't look the same! 

I'm very proud of the wonky quilt top, but I'm just paranoid that it's not "little boy" enough. I think all my fears will be put to rest once I quilt it (because the backing is awesome), so I'm just going to get through all the quilting today. Hopefully.

All basted and ready to go!


Flash got into town yesterday, and we're going to go out adventuring today. He's been sick all week and hasn't been able to go rock climbing, so he's absolutely aching to get on the wall at the climbing gym here. He LOVED his chalk bag, and he's very excited to go try it out. 

I have four extra wonky blocks that I don't know what to do with, and a lot of leftover minky fabric. Maybe I'll just throw together ANOTHER baby quilt. Because, hey, what else am I going to do with it?

Also I'm buying a sewing machine today AGNUBGDLIASNGLIBGDALFNLA YAY


  1. Your quilt turned out so well! I must try some wonky blocks. I love the way they look! I also just bought both of Elizabeth Hartman's books with a Christmas Amazon gift card O.O LOVE.


  2. So excited! So excited! SO EXCITED!!! :) I can't wait to see them in person. And yay for a machine! You can officially set up that Etsy shop now ;)